Online Quran Academy so that you can learn in your free time

The world of internet has advanced in the past years. It is today used for all kinds of activities whether good or bad. One of these activates is teaching. Many people have adopted the profession of teaching online. Just like other academies, online Quran academies are also available on the Internet. These academies provide your child with all the information that he requires ta his age about the Quran. It educates him about the teaching of Quran and what Islam stands for. It is a spectacular opportunity for Muslims living in non-Muslims states to educate their kids about the teachings of Islam. It is the duty of every Muslim to live their lives according to the teachings of the Quran. Thus teaching your kid at a young age about the Quran will make it easier for you as a parent to guide him towards the straight path in this era of time where the western world rules everything.

What does online Quran academy teach?

The online Quran academy teaches the individual the right pronunciation of the words and how to join the letters properly to form a word. The scholars are well educated and experienced. Along with this tajweed is also taught at these academies. The Kalamas and other dues are also taught at the basic level. As the level progress, the scholars move the individual towards Fiqh and Haddith. A Muslim should also know about his history and the life of the Prophet which is an example for all Muslims. Reading the Quran is not enough, a Muslim should be able to understand it and implement it in his life correctly. It is the duty of us all to give time to our Holy Book, The Quran at least once in a day. These academies help us full fill that duty we have towards the Quran which will ultimately benefit us.