Why Kerchar Power Washer Essentially Required For Home?

Why Kerchar Power Washer Essentially Required For Home?

Power washers are becoming essential equipment for cleaning purpose because of its simple use and best cleaning effects. It takes less time to clean the whole area. There are a number of companies that are manufacturing power washers. Two types are available one is heavy duty power washer while the other one is light duty power washer. Later one is used at home for cleaning of different households. Kerchar power washer is renowned for its incredible feature and widely used at homes. It is used for different home cleaning purposes like

  • Cleaning of driveways and floors
  • Wood decks
  • Cars
  • Windows and patios
  • Home Exteriors
  • Different gears like bikes
  • Fences
  • Front entrance
  • Stairs.

Features of power washers

There are different features of power washer that make it awesome machine to use at homes as well as small offices. Some of the best features that make the machine handy and useful are described below


The powerful water cooled motor is ideal to remove the dirt that provides the area performance of 40 meters square. The full control pressure control enables the person to apply right pressure on the surface. Spay lance s present where the pressure is adjusted and LED display are present on trigger gun that shows the pressure range of the machine. There is no need to change the pressure from spray lance especially transferring from high-pressure mode to detergent mode. The trigger gun is easy to handle. The height adjustable telescopic handle is present that allows comfortable pulling as well as easy storage of machine.

The filling of glance is very simple; one can easily change detergent and check level. The plug and clean system are present that can change detergent in one step.


To take a proper work from the machine it is important to clean the dirt from the inlet to prevent any choking. Connect all accessories and run water for a minute to prime the system and removal of air. Squeeze the trigger gun to bleed water with pressure, after that start the engine. As the machine starts to check that high volume of water is coming out without any hindrance if water flow is not smooth check inlet again to remove debris.

Power washers are becoming important accessory at homes this is because of its extreme cleaning power. The person can keep each and every corner of house neat and tidy as with pressure flow the minute particles embedded in corners of fences, cars, driveways and other tight spacing can be removed easily. Karcher power washers are available with a number of models the home series is able to provide the best home cleaning in short time. The kit comes with detergents, power jet, different nozzles, dirt blaster, telescope handles, quick connect on sides.

All the above features and phenomenal design make the machine best for home and people must prefer the power washer for cleaning their living places as they are easy to use and provides cleaning quickly.